What inspires you?

On Monday, I wrote about my Compassion children and how much child sponsorship can change their lives. Or rather how much it changes mine. As a Compassion blogger, we are periodically given assignments to write about the work of Compassion International and to encourage others to become a sponsor. Monday afternoon, I got such an … [Read More...]


You are my hiding place

Therefore let all the faithful pray to youwhile you may be found;surely the rising of the mighty waterswill not reach them.You are my hiding place;you will protect … [Read More...]



It's Five Minute Friday where I join Lisa-Jo Baker and the #FMFParty girls to write flat out for five minutes. No editing, no polishing, and then link up together. … [Read More...]


Leading productive lives

I live and work with young adults. A large part of my job is to ensure they are learning the necessary things to become independent and lead a productive life. This … [Read More...]

Testimony Tuesday

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