I love me some bacon! In all of its salty, crunchy, greasiness goodness. It may not be the best thing for you health-wise, but I love it! So you can imagine my disappointment on a recent morning when I literally burnt the bacon. <sigh>

In my tiny apartment, I have a tiny stove. It works well when you are just cooking for one, although the temperature is a little difficult to regulate. So I always set a timer to check on my food. On this fateful morning, the bacon was in the oven. The TV was on in the background. I was sitting at my computer watching a video. And I didn’t hear the timer go off. So when I realized the timer was way past due and ran to the kitchen, it was too late. The bacon was tragically burnt to a crisp. So out it went and I had to start over, being much more careful this time!

Probably more tragic are the times in my life when distractions cause worse problems than burnt bacon. Times when life’s distractions get in the way of spending time with God. Times when today’s frustrations cause me to listen without really hearing what’s going on with a friend. Times when my urgent overshadows God’s important. And I have to ask myself,

How many times have I figuratively burnt the bacon because I was too distracted by the noise of life?

And then I have to start all over again. <sigh>

Tossing out a pan of bacon is sad to be sure, and I can make all kinds of jokes about how “tragic” it is. But y’all, missing a moment, hurting a friend, not being attuned to what God wants for me each day is more serious and some days may even be truly tragic. The writer of Proverbs says,

Listen carefully to my wisdom; take to heart what I can teach you. You’ll treasure its sweetness deep within; you’ll give it bold expression in your speech. Proverbs 22:17-18 MSG


It’s a reminder to me to…

limit distractions, because I need to be listening for something important.

pay attention, because sometimes life moments are just a whisper.

treasure the sweetness, because that’s a sign of God’s blessings.


So I wonder today where you need to learn a life lesson from bacon? Is there something you are missing because distractions are too great? Today’s the day to regain some focus and not miss out on any of the sweetness God has planned for you!

Now I gotta run, I hear the timer beeping!


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