During these weeks that I am looking for a new ministry opportunity, it occurred to me that a seasonal job might be fun. It would keep me busy (and by extension, out of trouble!), put a little money in my pocket, and keep me from being so focused on all things me.

So I sent in an application to work for Operation Christmas Child during the shoe box season. And they hired me! I started this week and am still getting my feet on the ground. It is an amazing operation that will utilize hundreds of paid staff and volunteers working two daily shifts, six days a week. By the end of the season, these folks will have processed over two million shoe boxes just through the Charlotte warehouse alone. 
Each shift begins with a devotional. It’s a great way to encourage the workers and help us keep our minds focused on what is really important in the midst of a fast-paced work day. And everyone I’ve met and worked with has been great!

What’s been really inspiring is all the stories we hear about the children who receive the shoe boxes. Children who live in the direst of circumstances, don’t know the love of Jesus, and who are just waiting for God to answer their prayers through a shoe box.

That’s the real goal of the shoe boxes…that a child learns how much God loves him or her through a simple gift. <–Click to Tweet

It looks like this will be a pretty good gig for the next few weeks. Wonder what all God will teach me through this experience.

Pixie Dust
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