Author: Holly Barrett

These are the moments…

I spoke at my church’s mid-week devotional last week and talked about those snapshots we take…those precious moments of time that are frozen and framed to remind us of those we love and the good times we share. Some of my favorite photos are those where faces are smushed together and we get a close up of happy grins (smushed is the technical word for this photographic shot!). Here’s a few of my recent favorites…these were taken in the spring at our women’s retreat… What is also special to me about these pictures is that they are pictures of “my people.” The friends that I get to spend time with, laugh with, and sometimes cry with. The women who inspire me every day with their courage, their enthusiasm, their love, and the way they walk with our Father. In just the last few days, I’ve gotten to work side-by-side with several young women who helped out on a service project. I shared the big red sofa in my living room with a sweet young gal who wanted to talk and ended up listening a lot too. And I sat in the hospital waiting room with one of my dearest friends as we waited news of her husband’s surgery. These are the moments that bind us together as women…sisters…friends. We don’t have to do things or go places together so...

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I could have died this morning…

So before anyone gets too worried, let me clarify that I could have been in a good accident, but I probably would have just been banged up a bit. Which is different than dying. But I wouldn’t want either one of them to actually happen. When you live in a big city, traffic is always a topic of discussion. And I never cease to be amazed at the crazy way people drive in this town! This morning, I was turning left onto a busy street, but I had a green arrow. A lady was coming towards me (which means her light was red) and she barely slowed down as she executed a neat right-turn-on-red right in front of me. I blew my horn to let her know I was barreling her way, at which point she looked up, waved and kept right on going. Luckily one of us was paying attention. Really, are people that oblivious to what is going on around them? Especially when what is going on is oncoming traffic? Well, anyway, it put me in mind of a spiritual application. Sometimes we are just determined to go where we want to go…regardless of what is ahead…regardless of the signs that may be telling us to stop or at least slow down. How many times have I been speeding through life, seen a warning sign from God,...

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To The Glory of God

I Timothy 1:17Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen. This verse always makes me think of Carolina Bible Camp….CBC is the one place where I think God actually lives. It is a place where I can really see God…in the sounds of the frogs and crickets in the silent spaces of chapel worship…in the faces of people I have worked with for years…in the young minds and hearts that we seek to influence each summer. God is at work all around us. He is the God of the universe…indescribable, uncontainable, holy, righteous, loving God. Let’s take the time today to praise Him for who He is and to give Him all the glory and honor that is His alone. God, we just praise you for being our Father, our Creator, the power that sustains our very lives. We pray that all we do will be for your glory. It’s not about us. It is all about you. We are grateful for the opportunity to join in your work and pray your greatest blessings on all that we do. May the work of our hands honor you in ways that we have only begun to imagine. And may lives be touched in ways that only YOU can plan....

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Time to listen…

When my kids were little, they would occasionally ask me a question, and I would answer before they even got the sentence out of their mouths. Sometimes I was right about what they were getting ready to say. But sometimes they would say in their exasperated little voices, “Mom, that’s not the question I was going to ask. You are not listening!” I often find that my personal Bible study will revolve around a certain theme. When the same thoughts keep coming to mind as I study and pray, I start to wonder what God might be trying to tell me. The theme may pop up in other places too. Like in sermons. Or classes I’m teaching. Or even on the radio. Maybe it’s that I’m not paying attention to the lesson in my quiet time and God has to pull out all the stops to get me to listen! I don’t know. Sometimes it is something I just don’t want to hear. Like now for instance. I’ve been studying the book of Acts and the theme of obedience keeps running around in my head. I don’t know why it is there or why I’m not keen on hearing it. I like obedience. I try to be obedient. And I’m hoping that this theme isn’t being repeated because there is some place where I’m being disobedient!! Maybe He’s just...

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