Author: Holly Barrett

LRL 2.84 – Rachel & Willie Scott

What is a family to do when the family members are not all related by blood? There are steps and fosters and adopteds and many other configurations of  blended families these days. Rachel and Willie Scott’s ministry, Better Than Blended, is here to help families unite together, grow closer to one another, and have healthy, happy relationships. Better Than Blended offers support, encouragement, and resources with practical applications for families that are trying to come together. Rachel and Willie are the parents of seven children and have walked this road in their own family. They will offer you hope...

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Testimony Tuesday: Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

Just a few weeks ago, I wore the same earrings for a week straight. Or maybe it was two weeks. Who can remember? That may not sound like a big deal to you, but for this jewelry lover, it’s huge. Because I love all. the. jewelry. Beautiful necklaces, matching earrings, lovely bracelets…you name it, and I love it! I even have some costume jewelry that I wear in my hair when I’m feeling fancy. But when you are moving and everything you own is packed in boxes, you do what you gotta do. So one small pair of silver...

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LRL 2.83 – Catherine McNiel

Catherine McNiel is a mother to three young children who says she never has time, let alone quiet, to be able to have a quiet time each day. And that’s a sentiment shared by many moms. Catherine’s new book is all about finding joy in practicing spiritual disciplines in the ordinary tasks that fill our days. Join us for a lively conversation about motherhood in the trenches and how God meets us there. Living a Redeemed Life is a podcast dedicated to encouraging all who listen to live in the redemption found in Jesus every day. Each week I enjoy...

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Testimony Tuesday: Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions I’ve been asked to pray about several decisions lately. To listen for God’s direction about my involvement in two different ministries. And to date, I haven’t gotten any direction yet. I say yet because I’m confident that God will answer and answer clearly at the right time. How do I know that? Because he has done it in the past. Your Journey Has the Lord’s Approval There was a time when I was praying about stepping down from a ministry. I’d been involved for nearly four years and I was tired. T-i-r-e-d. And began to feel that God...

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Times of Refreshing

Therefore repent and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,  and that He may send the One who previously was preached to you, Jesus Christ, whom the heavens must receive until the time of restoring what God spoke through all His holy prophets since the world began. Acts 3:19-21 Times of Refreshing You hear a lot of talk nowadays about self care. It’s about how we all need to take better care of ourselves, especially if we are in helping careers. But even those who are not...

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