blank page

We gather here every week to share our words. They are often difficult words as we pound out the stories that tell the testimony God has given each of us. It’s one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people.

Then there are the days that the page is just blank. Words just don’t come…or if they do, they don’t quite seem right. It could be because the words are too hard. It could be there have been too many of them used up in other venues (I’m looking at you school and work!). Whatever the reason, you end up just staring at the page. And it gets whiter and blanker with each passing moment. There’s a deadline looming too. No pressure, right?

But then it occurs to me that maybe it doesn’t matter. Sometimes the page is blank because we just need to sit in one another’s presence.

Other times the page is blank because we just need to listen.

Always the page is blank because it is never a measure of our worth. 

The testimony of the blank page

The testimony of the blank page is just this. The words God gives us are His. And my lack of words is not a failure. So when the page remains blank, I’ve learned to just leave it there. When my words are quiet, it’s easier to hear His. And yours.

So today I’ll sit in the testimony of my blank page and gratefully soak in the words offered up in this place.






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Holly Barrett

A prayer for the beloved
LRL 2.73 Micah Maddox