Welcome to my new little corner of the interwebs! Isn’t it beautiful?

I’d been feeling for a while that I needed a little lift on my space…something a little fresher and more modern looking. I wanted the home page to be a little simpler. Now you have three choices. You can read a blog post. You can listen to a podcast. You can buy a book. 

Or do all three, if you are so inclined! 🙂

And speaking of the podcast, I’ve just gotta be real honest here. I love, love, love talking to my guests and creating the podcast. But I got to where I hated editing the interviews. It’s tedious and time-consuming and who wants to spend time doing that? But I just found a new service who, for a reasonable monthly subscription, will edit my podcasts. So all that background to get to the good news: starting Friday, May 6, Living a Redeemed Life will really be a weekly podcast. I’ve got some great guests coming up and several lined up to interview, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

So, woohoo! I feel like a brand new person with a pretty new space, and a task-y task taken off my plate. Now I can concentrate on what I love about this place…connecting with all of you.

Thanks so much for your involvement in this community. Take a few minutes to look around my new home and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Then join me on Sunday for Sunday Reflections, Mondays for Big Red Sofa, Tuesdays for Testimony Tuesday, and Fridays for Living a Redeemed Life.

I’ll be looking for you!


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