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Packing and unpacking

Do you like to move? You know, the packing and loading and schlepping of all your stuff from one place to another? Moving can be exciting as you look forward to new adventures. But all the actual moving of your stuff is not...

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Who and Whose

John 13 is a passage that has always intrigued me…it’s the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and it begins like this: Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come...

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The heart of a mother

Photo Credit Here I remember what it was like to hold my babies and dream of what they would one day become. Parents all over the world have similar hopes and dreams for their children. We want our children to be well and...

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For the love of books

I love to read. Books, magazines, the back of cereal boxes. It doesn’t matter. I love to read. Period. This love began in elementary school when I learned to read and books opened up whole new worlds to me. You can see in...

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Did you know…?

Have you ever been on a foreign mission trip? I have been on one some years ago. My son and I got to go together and it was a life-changing event for us. We went to Jamaica for 10 days to support the work of the local church...

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Choose Compassion

I’ve never been to Nicaragua. I’ve only heard news stories…none of them good…none of them that would recommend Nicaragua as a place to visit. But God’s people live there. They do His work there with...

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A pretty good gig!

During these weeks that I am looking for a new ministry opportunity, it occurred to me that a seasonal job might be fun. It would keep me busy (and by extension, out of trouble!), put a little money in my pocket, and keep me...

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