Follow the Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua
I’ve never been to Nicaragua. I’ve only heard news stories…none of them good…none of them that would recommend Nicaragua as a place to visit.
But God’s people live there. They do His work there with families and children who need our help. 
Did you know:
  • Nicaragua is Central America’s largest country?
  • Nicaragua has 11 airports with paves runways compared to the US with over 5000?
  • the average income in Nicaragua is $3,812 per year?
  • less than 200,000 people in Nicaragua use the Internet?
  • 71% of Nicaraguan children will not finish primary school?
  • a child born in Nicaragua is five times more likely to die before age 5 than a child born in the US?
I didn’t know any of that. Or any of the other information Compassion International has posted here
These staggering statistics can only lead to one question: what can we do to help? 
This week, Compassion International sent a group of bloggers there to meet with their ministry partners and the families and children that are sponsored in Nicaragua. You can follow the blog posts here. You can follow along on Twitter here.
More importantly, you can sponsor a child here. You can choose a child from Nicaragua or from somewhere else in the world. It costs $38 per month. That’s all. To change the life of a child. 
Finally, you can pray. For the safety of the blogging team, for the kingdom work they will do this week in Nicaragua, for the children who are sponsored, and for those who are waiting for sponsors. 
Choose compassion today.

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