Grief is a funny thing. Well, not ha ha funny…just weird funny. We talk about the process of grief, as if it is simply a linear path that we must walk to get from grieved to not grieved. Oh, if only that were so.

The truth is that grief is never a straight path. It’s not even really a process. Because when you are grieving something or someone, you don’t magically wake up and find you have arrived in the land of non-grief. Grief is a pea-soup thick fog in which you wake up every day to slog through when you really just wish you could disappear into it. See, I told you it’s not ha ha funny.


But I’m telling you there is hope. 

One of the most comforting things for anyone who is grieving is someone who understands. And Susan B. Mead is just that person. Susan’s beloved son Kyle died in 2008. She has written a memoir of how she was able to slog through the fog of grief to find God’s greatest grace waiting for her.

Susan tells her family’s story through scripture, relating specific incidents where God showed up, and asking the reader to reflect on their own experiences. The short chapters draw you in immediately as you get a glimpse of how Susan endured such a loss…and survived to not only tell the story, but to find God in the midst of it.

They say that time heals all wounds. Susan says,

The passage of time has softened the ragged edges of grief. – Dance with Jesus, p. 61

I think she is right. Time doesn’t heal grief. Time doesn’t bind up the brokenhearted. Time doesn’t grieve along with us. It simply dulls the knife-sharp pain of grief into a dull, throbbing ache.

And from there, our Father takes over. Susan’s story reminds us that God doesn’t leave us alone in our grief. He shows up. He leads His people to surround us. He reminds us that we are loved. And we remember that He lost a Son too.

If you are on a journey of grief today, I pray that you remember those things and that you look for how God is showing up for you too. Maybe this book review is just one of those ways!

Three things you can do:

10854992_10204738875413963_601617168010116940_o1. Click over to Susan’s page and read my guest post!

2. Go to Amazon and buy your own copy!

3. Enter the contest below to win your own copy!



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