The long-awaited Oscar ceremony finally arrived on Sunday night. I’d looked forward to it for weeks, bolstered by my friend Sally Loftis and her reviews of all the movies nominated for Best Picture. I settled in on my big red sofa with my favorite snack and watched from the red carpet interviews all the way to the end of the last musical number.

The show seemed out of sync with itself all night long. It was at times funny. At times poignant. At times just kinda crazy. But as always, way too long. One of my favorite bloggers, BooMama, tweeted, “I think I could whittle this show down to 45 minutes and still have time for a couple of deeply moving medleys.” I quite agree!

But I’ve found that you can almost always learn something even from the places you least expect. So here’s four life lessons I learned from this year’s Academy Awards presentation.

You gotta be yourself. Not in the sometimes awkwardly weird way that celebs have of being themselves (Bjork, anyone?). But in the confidence of a 9-year-old who brings a puppy dog purse to the Oscars. I mean seriously, if you are 9 years old and haven’t the foggiest notion of all the haute couture and millions of dollars in jewels, what else would you do except wear something that you love and that tells everyone something about your true self. Smart girl!

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You gotta bring some color to the world. The fashions were gorgeous but I thought they were pretty bland in the color department. Until Jennifer Aniston stepped onto the red carpet. She wowed us all in a red ballgown that was just stunning. We all have something unique to bring to the table. Coming to the party dressed like everybody else is just kinda boring.

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Sometimes you just gotta laugh. What could be a girl’s worst nightmare than to be all dressed up in a fabulous ballgown, hear her name called as the winner, and then trip up the stairs going to receive your award? Bless Jennifer’s heart. She recovered quite well and taught us all a lesson in self-deprecation. Sometimes life is a little crazy and you just gotta laugh!

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And all the time, you gotta keep it classy. I’d heard there was a new host in town. Beyond having a passable resemblance to a grown-up Peter Brady, there doesn’t seem to be much else positive to offer concerning Seth MacFarlane’s performance as Oscar host. At best, his jokes were not funny. At worse, they were downright offensive. Jokes about an assassinated President and domestic violence just aren’t funny. In the words of the Dowager Countess, “Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” There’s plenty of things in life to laugh about (just ask Jennifer Lawrence). Resorting to crudeness simply indicates a lack of imagination…onstage or off.
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What about you? Did you love or hate the show? Any lessons you learned?


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