You guys know I love books! But I especially love books that inspire us to live the redeemed life we have been given in Christ.

And that’s just what Danise Jurado‘s new book, Fulfilled: Learning to Live the Life God Promised does. although the details are probably different for each of us, Danise’s experience in coming to know God and then figuring out how to live in that new life is a familiar story. Because that’s what we are doing too. She shares her story without pulling any punches about where God found her, how He loved her, and what miracles He performed in her life and the life of her husband. Danise’s words inspire us to claim the forgiveness that is ours, cling to the hope found in Christ, and continue to live fulfilled.


It was my great pleasure to interview Danise recently and here are some of her thoughts…

Holly Barrett: Book launches seem like they can be kinda crazy! How are you doing? And how can we pray for you today?

Danise Jurado: Thank you so much, Holly, for inviting me to share today! Yes! Book launches are quite busy. As deadlines press in and my schedule fills up, I have tried to make an intentional effort to keep my focus on the main thing; the beautiful message of hope and freedom we find in Jesus. Over the ten years that I have worked on this book, my prayer has been that God would reach out through the pages of this book and touch the heart of every person who reads it. I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers during this time.

HB: Your story at the beginning of the book indicates you are from a more “charismatic” worship tradition than some of our readers. Do you think that type of tradition is required for living a fulfilled life?

DJIt is truly God’s promises, not charisma that brings freedom. God offers a full life to all of us through His Son, Jesus and He teaches us how to live that life through His Word. Although my initial salvation story may seem radical to some, I am thankful for it because that was how Jesus introduced Himself to me. It’s been nearly thirty years since then and learning to live the life God promised has been a process of surrendering my way for His.

HB: The message God has given me in my life is to proclaim redemption. How would you describe the difference between redemption and fulfillment?

DJ: God’s redemption is a necessary and foundational component to living a fulfilled life. Exodus 15:13 tells us that God leads the people He redeems. There were times in my life when painful loss and brokenness made it hard to see the road of redemption. God’s redemption is complete; He never leaves our side no matter how dark the road gets. God redeems us and then faithfully leads us to the full life promised.

HB: In chapter 4, you write about the roller coaster of life that you were on. What made you want to get off that roller coaster?

DJ: I love riding roller coasters so much that I currently hold the record at a local amusement park for riding a roller coaster one hundred-fifty times in a day. That being said, there was a time in my life when I regularly rode a roller coaster that I never enjoyed. I felt trapped in my old mindset of insecurity. I would strap myself into the roller coaster of people pleasing; up when people were happy with me down when they weren’t. My heart longed for freedom to live with confidence. I wrote in the book,

Freedom called to me from the truth written in God’s Word, “I love you, always, unconditionally. Live for Me. Life for an audience of One.”

God’s love gave me the strength to step into my true identity in Him.


HB: I’ve heard it said that you will not be motivated to change until you reach 10 on the pain scale of 1 to 10. Do you find that to be true?

DJ: In chapter five of Fulfilled I share the Seven Principles to Lasting Change. These are some practical tools that I have learned personally and have shared with many others over years of ministry as a pastoral counselor. Often when we have an area in our life that needs change we go through a cycle failed attempts to make the changes. Although motivation to change can come from a “pain level of 10”, I have found that sustaining lasting change requires grace. If pain is our only motivation as soon as we feel some relief the old habits find a way to creep in again. I personally had to learn to accept God’s grace (unmerited favor) and learn to love myself. When we refuse to accept God’s grace, condemnation will set in and we find ourselves tempted to quit. From the very beginning steps toward change and through every stumble along the way, learning to extend grace to ourselves gives us the hope to continue toward a new future.

HB: What’s the most important word of encouragement you can share with our readers today?

DJLiving a full life usually has a small beginning. Be encouraged that all the seemingly unimportant tasks you are doing everyday are preparing you for your calling and purpose in life. Beneath the surface, in your heart, there are undeveloped seeds filled with potential. Sometimes it is hidden so deep that human eyes might not see it, but God does. You and your potential are designed by Him. God is working together every life skill and experience you have to come to full fruition. At just the right time that potential will emerge, no longer hidden, it will break forth and arise. Continue to water the seeds of potential with the precious promises of God and He will lead you to the Fulfilled life He promised.


I think the thing I loved the most about Danise’s story and her book is that she is continually pointing us back to the truth of God’s word. Y’all know I’m a truth girl too! It’s vital for us to establish truth in our lives and the only way we will know what is true is to compare what we see and hear with what God tells us. 

That is the way to redemption in the first place.

That is the way to reclaim the redeemed life that we received at salvation.

That is the way to live fulfilled.


danisejuradoDanise Jurado has served as a pastoral counselor at Angelus Temple and The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California under the leadership of Pastors Matthew and Caroline Barnett since 2001. She is also the Director of The Dream Center Transitions Program.  Danise is a gifted speaker and teacher; sharing at churches, conferences and faithfully teaching a weekly women’s Bible study at The Dream Center.

She is passionate about encouraging and equipping people to reach their most fulfilled life in Christ.  Throughout 15 years of ministry, she has cultivated the tools in her book, Fulfilled – Learning to Live the Life God Promised and they have proven to be powerful, bringing freedom to many. Danise lives in Santa Clarita, California with her husband of 28 years, Kurt Jurado.  They have two beautiful adult children, Nic and Katie, a favorite son-in-law, Jonathan, an amazing grandson, Wesley and another grandbaby on the way.

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