hollysstorypicHello friends! I’m Holly Barrett, an extreme extrovert who loves to laugh, and enjoys being called Princess Holly. I am after all a daughter of the King! Varied life experiences as a preacher’s kid, survivor of domestic violence, and single mother have given me an insight and compassion into the many challenges we all face today.

Here’s my hope for this space…that we will be a community of love and support. That we will be real. It may not always be pretty, but it doesn’t have to be. I pray you will find a place to belong, to ask questions, to share your own experience. And I’m hoping we will laugh a little bit too. Life’s too short not to have some fun! So feel free to share your stories and struggles and silliness here. I know we will be blessed by getting to know one another.

God has given me a compelling message of redemption that will empower you to:

  • Recognize God’s grace in your past.
  • Discover God’s truth in your present.
  • Embrace God’s plan for your future.

HollysstoryquoteThis message of hope is also shaped by my broad educational and ministerial experiences. I returned to school as an adult to complete a bachelor’s degree and have done graduate work at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. 

I have spent about 20 years in volunteer and staff ministry and am an ordained minister. I currently work as an Assistant Director of Residential Life with the ministry of The Crossnore School in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of NC. My particular passion is any aspect of adult ministry, especially those that connect us to Jesus, to one another and to those we serve. I hope we can make those connections here too.

One of my loves is some serious Bible study and gathering with a small group to hash it out! My speaking engagements are dedicated to helping you find life-giving scriptural truths in my presentations. I love it when I can see the light bulb go on as a listener really grasps the personal message God is speaking through His word.

My other loves include words (which means I read a lot. A lot.) and most any board, card, or puzzle games. I also enjoy sharing evenings with good friends and good food. Combine all that with a Bible study and I’m in heaven right here on earth!

My favorite people on the planet are my adult children: son Neil, a returning student at UNCG, and daughter Rachel, married to Daniel, a Sergeant in the US Army. Rachel and Daniel are the proud parents of Cohen, Cambrie,  and Connor, who call me YaYa.