…this may not be your most favorite time of the year! In fact, even for some of our married sisters, this weekend may be a painful time.

Yeah, the candy is great but let’s be honest, it’s not quite the same as having someone special in your life. And you know, it’s not that any of us begrudge those of you who have loving, committed, godly “someones” in your life. We are thrilled and would want nothing less for you.

But seriously, it’s tough to be single during February!!

As always though, we have a Father and a Savior who know our hearts, who feel our pain, and who reach out to comfort us in ways that we could not even imagine.

Just this week, when life threw out a curve ball…you know one of those things that will ultimately become a blessing but when you first receive it, you are surprised shocked stunned…a precious sister in ministry from another state emailed me just to say hello and catch me up on some things going on in her ministry. Prompted by God to share with her, I received some loving words of comfort and an amazing email prayer!

Two days later I received an email from another sweet sister who said that I had been on her heart lately and that she was praying for me. I love that she shared God’s burden to pray for me without knowing why. She just acted out of love for me and obedience to the Father and prayed.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in the work of the Holy Spirit who guides us when we are willing to listen and willing to follow. When we do, God will use us in ways that we can’t imagine or don’t even realize…just like He used these sweet sisters.

Our Father is just gracious like that. He sends exactly the right person at exactly the right time to come alongside us. He knows when life is gonna get wonky and He lays it on the heart of someone to go before us in prayer. He extends the tender loving care of a gracious and merciful Father who is so in love with us that He would send us the ultimate valentine in the form of His Son.

So, married or single, blissful or less so, spend some time this weekend resting in the loving arms of the Father. There ain’t no better place to be.

Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll.

At Home with the Lord