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It’s been a long time coming! But the second Gray Hair Talking book has arrived! 

Gray Hair Talking: Lessons on Living in Grace is a 12-week, video-driven study on living in grace. Each week’s lesson is centered around one of my mom’s Gray Hair Talking videos and covers a different topic such as the grace of God, extending grace to others, living in graceful contentment, and finding grace in the journey. There are scripture readings and discussion questions for your class or small group to consider together. And then for your own study and reflection, each lesson contains a journaling page, a coloring page, and an additional group of questions and readings.

Living in Grace

You know, I find that I understand the concept of living in grace but the actual doing of it is kinda hard sometimes. Especially when it comes to accepting that I am an undeserved recipient of God’s grace…or when it comes time to extend grace to others. But working on this study helped me see grace in a new light again and reminded me of why it is so important.

We hope this study does the same for you. Our prayer is that the lessons are thought-provoking, challenging, and yet encouraging as you seek to live in God’s grace daily.

An Added Bonus…or Two

As an added bonus, I would love to have a Skype chat with your group as you are working through the study. Take a picture of your group and tag it on social media with #GHTGrace so we can see your group! Then send me an email and I’ll arrange a time to speak with your group.

To help you get started, let’s do a giveaway! We want to encourage you to gather a group of friends and study grace together. So, enter below to win five…yes, FIVE…copies of Gray Hair Talking: Lessons on Living in Grace! The giveaway closes next Tuesday evening at midnight and the winner will be announced on Wednesday morning. Come back each day for the bonus entries!

GHT: Lessons on Living in Grace

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