Blind-sided. Everything in the room coming to a swift halt as the mind seeks to absorb the words. Thinking back over the weeks and months leading to this moment in time and wondering how, and why, and what now? Even now remembering every detail at the same time the remembering is lost in the fog of disbelief.

The moment could be anything. The phone call announcing an unexpected death. The meeting that brings your dream job to a close. The conversation that ends the marriage or relationship.

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Life is rolling along until that very moment that it changes forever. And in that moment, as the mind works to seal off this experience so that it can be processed, the heart begins to seal itself off too.

Because who wants to experience such trauma again? So we determine to hold the hurt at bay as if by simple determination we could protect our lives, our minds, our hearts. As if.

As we’ve been working through The Wall Around Your Heart by Mary DeMuth over the last few weeks, I’m continually encouraged by Mary’s instruction around the Lord’s prayer. As we see how Jesus lived his life and then taught his disciples to pray, we learn ways to live an openhearted life. Just like Jesus did.

In chapter 7, we’ve arrived at Jesus’ request that God will give us our daily bread. Not just food, but anything that we need to get through the day and bless those around us. Not just physical sustenance, but emotional and spiritual food that allows us to love and forgive ourselves and those who have hurt us.

Jesus taught that we should pray this daily. Yesterday’s prayer is gone and tomorrow’s hasn’t come yet. What we need to concentrate on is what God promises to provide today. Mary says,

And we need it today, daily. Yesterday is past, and the worries of the future are futile musings. Today is all we have, and God promises that He will meet us right now.
The Wall Around Your Heart, p. 120

So in the aftermath of the blindside…to keep our hearts from closing…to offer forgiveness to those who’ve hurt us…to risk relationship again, we pray that God will give us today that which enables us to get through the day. Each day’s need is different as decided by the person praying and their particular circumstance. But God is big enough to meet all of those needs.

Mary then goes on to offer eight strategies for asking God to meet this need and to continue to live with an open heart. Our goal is to…

…not let the pain of the past prevent us from engaging in the Great Right Now.
The Wall Around Your Heart, p. 120

Letting go of the past. Engaging today. Leaving tomorrow up to God. 

That sounds like a good beginning to openhearted living.


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The Wall Around Your Heart released on October 15. You can read the intro and order your copy here.

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