I work in a place that values prayer. We value it so much that we often begin meetings with prayer. And we have a staff prayer time once per week for staff to meet and pray together…for our children, the work we do, and the future of our organization. It is a privilege that I realize not everyone has in their workplace.

So folks often pass on prayer requests even if they can’t join us for prayer time. But you know, agreeing to pray for someone else is a sentiment that’s easy to express. Someone mentions a need, a struggle, a concern in their lives and we promise to pray for them.

It is such a privilege to pray for others…but honestly I’ve made that promise before and then promptly forgotten it.

So I feel incredibly honored when others take the time to lift my name to the Father.

The Prayer of a Friend

Some years ago, I was at work in a totally different place and time. That day, I was enjoying a social conversation with a co-worker and fellow believer. Right in the middle of the conversation, he asked me a question about a desire of my heart. We worked together, respected one another, and were friendly, but this desire of my heart was nothing that I had ever shared with him.

When I stammered an affirmative answer, he grinned broadly and said that God had laid me on his heart and that he had been praying for me in that particular regard.

I was floored on so many levels. That God would have brought me to this believer’s mind and heart. That he would have listened to God’s promptings and prayed for me. That he would be sensitive enough then to follow up with me.

This prayer offered on my behalf brought me to my knees. I was encouraged to be more attune to the times God calls me to pray for others. And, I’m grateful for this moment as God ministered to my soul and taught me an important lesson about prayer. 

The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.
James 5:16 (MSG)

Powerful Prayer

Just as I felt humbled and even astounded by my friend’s prayers for me, I’m reminded of my responsibility to follow through when I promise to pray for others. Because there is nothing more powerful than bringing our friends and loved ones to the throne of our Father. 

So who will you pray for today?





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