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Big Red Sofa: A letter every year

I spent the holiday weekend with my daughter and her family in Georgia. I gotta say that Georgia at the end of August is absolutely sweltering. There are some definite advantages to living in the mountains.  Not gonna lie. Since my granddaughter turned ONE in June, we thought it’d be a good time to take some pictures to mark the occasion. Like most young moms, my daughter loves to have updated pictures of her children. I’m only too happy to oblige as the photographer. It’s also put me in mind of what I would want Cambrie to hear from...

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Big Red Sofa: Simple elegance

I’m all about loving some good worship. The bigger the better. I love the music. The lights. The singing. The slide show. The hands in the air. Love. It. But sometimes a quieter, simpler take on worship is in order. And I love it too. We came into church last Sunday morning to no power. The wind had howled all night long in what we are hoping was winter’s last hurrah. The power lines were no match for it though. We walked in and it was dark. Nothing, nada, zip anywhere in the entire building. Except in the sanctuary....

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Big Red Sofa: As one approved

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s cold and drizzly here. At least it’s not snowing. It’s a great day to settle down on the Big Red Sofa for a chat. Hopefully you saw this post from Jennifer Dukes Lee last week. Jennifer has a new book about to release (and available for pre-order) called Love Idol. And in this post, Jennifer is inviting us along on a soul-journey through Lent. She is challenging us to ask a scary question. What love-idol have we been putting before God? And more importantly, are we willing to give it up? When I stand in the sanctuary on Easter morning, I want to know that my whole heart has been yielded to Christ. (Because it isn’t, always.) – Jennifer Dukes Lee Mine isn’t either. So as I’ve prayed about this challenge and with trepidation asked God to reveal my own love-idols, He has lovingly shown the following… My Idols Revealed Some days the idol of work is too enticing. I want to be good at what I do. And I want to be recognized for what I do. Because surely if others recognize the hard work, then I must be good. Approved of. Looked up to. Rather than recognizing that the work comes from Him in the first place and it is He who brings it...

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Four Life Lessons from the Oscars

The long-awaited Oscar ceremony finally arrived on Sunday night. I’d looked forward to it for weeks, bolstered by my friend Sally Loftis and her reviews of all the movies nominated for Best Picture. I settled in on my big red sofa with my favorite snack and watched from the red carpet interviews all the way to the end of the last musical number. The show seemed out of sync with itself all night long. It was at times funny. At times poignant. At times just kinda crazy. But as always, way too long. One of my favorite bloggers, BooMama, tweeted, “I think I could whittle this show down to 45 minutes and still have time for a couple of deeply moving medleys.” I quite agree! But I’ve found that you can almost always learn something even from the places you least expect. So here’s four life lessons I learned from this year’s Academy Awards presentation. You gotta be yourself. Not in the sometimes awkwardly weird way that celebs have of being themselves (Bjork, anyone?). But in the confidence of a 9-year-old who brings a puppy dog purse to the Oscars. I mean seriously, if you are 9 years old and haven’t the foggiest notion of all the haute couture and millions of dollars in jewels, what else would you do except wear something that you love and that tells...

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