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Big Red Sofa: Finding Joy in the Mundane

What a joy it is to sit on the Big Red Sofa with you guys for a chat. How was your weekend? Mine was delightfully mundane. After traveling last weekend for the holiday and for Cambrie’s birthday, then a busy week at work trying to catch up, I was ready for some downtime. So I ran errands. You know it’s time to go to the grocery when there only stuff that needs to be thrown out in your refrigerator. And I cleaned. I don’t love chores but a clean house and freshly made bed is a special kind of joy. I spent...

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Big Red Sofa: The Four F’s

Welcome to the Big Red Sofa! This week is all about family and friends, food and fun! But that’s the way the biggest week of the summer should be, right? Of course, with a few fireworks thrown in. I’m at my daughter’s home this weekend. Even took an extra day off work so I didn’t have to leave on a holiday. It always feels luxurious not to have to rush home. Besides today being Independence Day, this weekend was also about my granddaughter’s third birthday party. Her birthday was actually last weekend but we postponed the party to this...

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Big Red Sofa: The days of summer

It has been hot on the mountain recently…more humid than normal, especially for June. Our kids are out of school and enjoying their clubs, outings, and trips. It reminds me of my kids’ summer days when sleeping in was the most important thing on the agenda each day. So in honor of summer, I thought we’d just chat about what we are up to…or what has made us laugh recently…or what good summer reads we’ve found! Yesterday morning after our first church service, I was talking with our pastor’s wife (who is also my supervisor at work), and we...

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Big Red Sofa: #PrayforOrlando

This is not the post I’d planned today. I doubt it’s the way any of us expected this week to begin. Normally we sit on the sofa and chat about scripture or family or things that make us laugh. Not today. Today we pray. We pray for those who were killed or wounded. We pray for their families. We pray for the city of Orlando. We pray for our children and their future. We pray for the words to explain such evil. We pray for love to overcome hatred. We pray for light to overwhelm the darkness. We pray...

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Big Red Sofa: Time to gear up

Welcome to the Big Red Sofa! I’d sit down with you for a minute if I could. You see, on Friday I lifted my foot and my lower back spasmed like it hasn’t done in a very long time. Ouch! So, three days later, essential oils, some ibuprofen, a few back exercises, and lots of rest and…it’s a little better. Hopefully that trend will continue this week. Here’s what it reminded me of though. Winter is hard in the mountains and it’s hard to get out before or after work to exercise. It’s dark and cold and often snowy....

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