“Time is filled with swift transition.” That’s the opening line of an old hymn. And boy is it true!! Things change so fast sometimes that we are left with spiritual, emotional, and mental whiplash. Where’s the insurance policy that covers that?

The older I get, the more I see that nothing stays the same. People come and go in our lives. Circumstances change. Decisions are made with profound effect on our lives.

The question is what our response will be when time moves on swiftly? It’s so easy to keep hanging on to the past. The people, the places, the experiences. And whether those things were good or bad, letting go is painful.

As I am facing another transition in my life, I’m grateful for the reminders from Mary Demuth in The Wall Around Your Heart. In chapter six, Mary is looking at Jesus’ prayer for God’s will to be done on earth “as it is in heaven.” And she challenges me to think about what I’m missing when I try to hold on to the past. I can hang on to the hurts of the past and miss the healing that God is offering today. I can also hang on to the good things in the past – the people and relationships that I miss dearly – and totally miss the opportunity to develop new relationships in the here and now.

God calls us onward, to cease looking back and revel in the relationships smack-dab in front of us. Those people need our full hearts. They don’t need our sadness over what once was. They need us present, loving, in the moment.
The Wall Around Your Heart, p. 111

My new job with Crossnore School will provide many opportunities to meet new people and build many new relationships. Some of these relationships will be with people who have experienced a great deal of hurt in their lives. They may well be living behind the walls they’ve built around their own hearts.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. To move beyond my own hurt and be an agent of healing in another person’s life.

In short, we hurt, and God heals, which makes us an agent of healing. In other words, when we’re brave enough to let God transform our pain, we bring heaven to earth.
The Wall Around Your Heart, p.

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I’m reminded of my grandson who loves to play secret agent and super hero. He sneaks up behind you with his blaster, or sword, or tickle-monster fingers, trying to catch you off guard and giggles hysterically when you are startled by his attack (or pretend that you are!).

We can all become agents of God’s healing…in our lives and in the lives of those we meet. And we don’t even have to do it in secret.

Let heaven fall to earth in our relationships as we let go of the past, and move forward to live fully present, openhearted lives with one another. 

Join the Openhearted Revolution today!

The Wall Around Your Heart is releasing on October 15. You can read the intro and pre-order your copy here.

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