We’d been counting the days…holding our breath that everyone would get there. When the Army and the Air Force are involved, plans have a way of changing sometimes. But over the course of 48 hours, everybody arrived. The first time we were all in one place in over five years.

The table was set. The refrigerator was full and the candy table was enticing. But more importantly, the family that is normally spread out across the States was finally all in the same room together. Some of us weren’t even imagined the last time we were together. All of us are a little older…and hopefully, maybe a little wiser.

And the thing we’ve learned over the years still holds true…



So it seemed like a good time to unplug and unwind. To leave my computer closed for a few days. To not answer email. To only be minimally present on the interwebs so I could be totally present in the living room.



And we all agreed to keep our phones away from the table so we could converse with the people in front of us. To share good food and good stories. To laugh with the ones we love.  Funny how nobody outside the room seemed to miss us.

So those five years seem to have gone by in a hurry. Since 2010, my brother gained a son-in-law and the next time we are together, he will be a grandfather. I have received the gift of three grandchildren, and my son is living back in our home state. Our parents are in good health and we are blessed to be a family that enjoys being together.

I pray we never take it for granted…and that we don’t wait five more years before we are all together again.

Because this…


Whole family photos courtesy of Reed Johansson


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