“Holly Barrett is an exciting teacher who holds your attention from beginning to end. She brings the message of Jesus in a relevant, refreshing, bold manner with a healthy dose of love, laughter and life-lessons.”
Shari Braendel
America’s Premiere Christian Fashion Expert
Author of Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad

“Holly lives what she teaches, having experienced God’s grace in her life as she grew in her faith, raising two children as a single mother, and practicing the love of Christ in her life. She is the real deal.”
Dean and Sandy Malsom
Anderson, IN 

“Holly’s passion for God and for God’s people is evident in everything she does. Her commitment to teaching God’s word and connecting the message to real life is inspiring. Holly also uses examples from her own life to show that her teachings are not only directed to her audience but also herself. She has dedicated her life to connecting women with a loving Savior, and we are the grateful beneficiaries of what God’s spirit is growing in Holly.”
Sally Loftis
Charlotte, NC 

“I’ve heard Holly speak and teach on numerous occasions. One of the things I appreciate is her clarity when she speaks of difficult subjects. She is able to carry an audience on a journey through hard topics without a lot of turbulence.”
Sandy Welfare
Pastoral Care Minister
Charlotte, NC


**Photo courtesy of Kim Deloach Photography