It’s the sixth day of Lent, the holy journey towards Easter. This is the year I’m determined will look different than those in the past…as I plan to sit in His presence each day. To hear His voice as it calls me deeper. To question everything and wait for Him to put it all back in order again. 

We sang this song yesterday in worship. Unable to stand still, I closed my eyes, swaying with hands reaching out for more of Him. Because deep water is scary, unless and until you can feel His presence…

As His Spirit leads me to that place where my faith is made stronger, I know it is the place I want to go. I’m not one who is content with just a little. I don’t want to just dangle my toes in the water. Or roll up my pants to wade in calf-deep. I want it all…rushing headlong, with arms outstretched, feet leaving the sand until I am neck-deep in the middle of everything He has for me.

So this song encourages me to call upon His name. To keep my eyes above the waves. To rest in His embrace.

And go wherever He may call me. Something tells me that when we do that…I mean really do it…not like I thought I had done in the past. But when we really do it, that’s where we truly find His Presence.

Enjoy this video of Oceans by Hillsong United.


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