I spoke at my church’s mid-week devotional last week and talked about those snapshots we take…those precious moments of time that are frozen and framed to remind us of those we love and the good times we share.

Some of my favorite photos are those where faces are smushed together and we get a close up of happy grins (smushed is the technical word for this photographic shot!). Here’s a few of my recent favorites…these were taken in the spring at our women’s retreat…

What is also special to me about these pictures is that they are pictures of “my people.” The friends that I get to spend time with, laugh with, and sometimes cry with. The women who inspire me every day with their courage, their enthusiasm, their love, and the way they walk with our Father.

In just the last few days, I’ve gotten to work side-by-side with several young women who helped out on a service project. I shared the big red sofa in my living room with a sweet young gal who wanted to talk and ended up listening a lot too. And I sat in the hospital waiting room with one of my dearest friends as we waited news of her husband’s surgery.

These are the moments that bind us together as women…sisters…friends.

We don’t have to do things or go places together so much as we just have to live in the moment together. Those are the times I want to remember…those moments that become snapshots in our heads whether they ever get posted to our Facebook walls or framed on our living room walls…or not.

I have a feeling I am not alone in that desire.

So if you ever want to come join me on the big red sofa, feel free. I’d love to share a moment there with you!

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