The forecast sounded dire for days. It was going to be measured in feet, not inches. Three days before the expected storm arrival, I went to the grocery…along with everyone else in my small town. We worked like crazy for the next two days anticipating missing at least one day of work.

And then the storm arrived. Four inches or so overnight Wednesday, and then from Thursday evening through Sunday morning, another 12 inches. It came down fast and furiously at times. Then drifted slowly and silently to the ground at others.

And it just kept coming. 



Life’s like that sometimes. Some days drift along and land softly and quietly. Others rush at you, with drifts that threaten to bury you. My week had been long and busy. It also seemed like something unexpected happened every day. And although not normally an anxious person, I could feel my anxiety creeping up every time the phone rang, or my email dinged, or my text messages beeped.

What do you do when the anxiety starts piling up like just so much snow?



The three days at home forced enabled me to take stock a little bit. Okay, maybe it forced me a little, too. Peter wrote in I Peter 5,

Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you. I Peter 5:7

It’s a nice sentiment that is easier said than done. Kind of like dealing with over a foot of snow. You might imagine that living in the mountains means you have to have a plethora of snow gear…and that’s true. Boots, and gloves, and hats, and scarves, and ice scrapers, and snow brushes, and on and on. We’ve got all the right tools, but actually dealing with the snow is easier said than done.

I think dealing with anxiety is similar. I’m a do-er. When things get crazy, I put it in high gear. Check the calendar. Take stock of the resources. Figure out what’s going to happen next. And decide on how I will respond. I convince myself I have all the right tools to take care of everything that comes my way. Doesn’t sound much like casting my anxiety on Him, does it?



So right here is where the lesson came in. I’ve been working my way slowly through Bob Sorge’s book, Secrets of the Secret Place. Sorge reminds us that the Lord is our refuge.

Are the winds swirling about your head? Run into the Lord! A refuge is something you flee into. A refuge doesn’t automatically erect itself around you; you have to seek it out and run into its shelter for safe harbor – Secrets of the Secret Place, p. 29

I can’t do anything about all the life things that dump a storm right on my doorstep. Sometimes I can’t even help but be anxious. But the answer is in the refuge. How do I cast all my anxiety on Him? By running to Him in the middle of the storm. 

In the middle of my storm of a week, He gave me a refuge of three days to sit in His presence and bask in His care. Now I’m not saying that storm was all for me…but God does  have a way of using circumstances around us to make His point. He used these days to make my world slow down a bit, so I could get a handle on my heart and my head. I was able to take those things that were making me anxious to Him. And you know what? It worked.

God is my refuge. And I all I have to do is run to Him. I was glad for the reminder…and for the three days at home to help it settle into my heart.

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