Have you ever seen those commercials for a financial adviser with the green line running through the scenes? I’ve seen several of them and they really strike a chord with me.

In this particular version of the commercial, a guy is walking out of an office building with a woman who is obviously his financial adviser. She is congratulating him on making wise decisions and telling him that now that he is at this particular investment company he will have all the guidance he needs. As he steps out the door, a green line appears on the sidewalk in front of him and the woman tells him to just stay on the line.

He walks a block or so down the street and his eye is caught by a pretty little sports car in a window. He steps off the line and closer to the window to take a look. He then turns around and looks back and there is his adviser and she hollers back at him, “Just stay on the path and you will be fine!” He smiles, steps away from the tempting window, and proceeds on down the path.

Now wouldn’t we all like to have someone standing behind us reminding us every day to stay on the path? How much easier would life be if we had people around us trying to stay on the path too!

The testimony today is that we do in fact have that path. God in His infinite wisdom has left us His word as guidance and has placed us in His church for support and encouragement and accountability. I am so grateful and so blessed to have people in my life who are willing to remind me to stay on the path. Some days I need more reminding than others…but no matter which day it is, there’s always someone behind me hollering “Stay on the path and you will be fine!”

Now that’s got to be better than a green line on the ground!!


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Holly Barrett

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