There’s a hole in the bucket…

I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been on a kick of having things break down around me. Not that I can control most of that but it does make me wonder what I’ve done to have multiple equipment failures so close together! First it was the washing machine and the little lever that stops the machine from spinning when you open the lid while it is running. That lever also lets the machine start spinning at the appropriate time, otherwise all you end up with is sopping wet clothes and gallons of water to bail out of the tub. Yeah, fun. Next it was my car’s radiator. For over a year the temperature gauge would run hot but the car never boiled over. The mechanic looked at it several times and much like a temperamental toddler, the temperature gauge never hit hot when the mechanic was around. Driving around in 5:00 traffic trying to get down to south Charlotte was a whole ‘nother story. Anyway. My master technician and the Nissan service guy both agreed that the only thing to do was to replace the radiator, both hoses and the thermostat-thingy. Too bad they couldn’t agree to pay for it themselves! Then just the other day I pulled out my blender to make a smoothie…it was delicious by the way. Washed the container and went to...

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New York, New York

I really meant to get this posted last night but can any of you spell e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d?   On our last morning in New York, we slept in a little bit and then took a cab down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We didn’t go in but enjoyed a lovely stroll down Central Park West admiring all the high rise apartment buildings with the wide awnings and uniformed doormen. I’m thinkin’ if you are going to live in NY, this might be the place to live! We stopped to look at a number of the art booths on the sidewalk outside The Met. And yes, I couldn’t resist one more purchase to frame and hang in my house. They were such a good deal that I would have bought several until I realized I had to get them all home and shall we say that my suitcase was filled to overflowing! Really, I thought I was going to have to get Charlotte to sit on it so it would close. We turned off into Central Park for a little while and walked around until we found a bench to sit on for a bit. It was so quiet there…we were surprised that you couldn’t really hear the traffic. It was like stepping off the sidewalk into another whole world right there in the city! There were plenty of bike...

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The Greatest City in the World

Today’s agenda included a trip to the Empire State Building and shopping. We were concerned about the long lines at the Empire State Building but didn’t really want to pay like twice the normal ticket price just to jump the line. Another thought we had for today was that we would take a few cab rides since we had walked so much yesterday. We weren’t exactly sure how either of these things were going to pan out as we had visions of not being able to hail a cab correctly and then facing long lines at Empire but we decided to take our chances anyway. And I believe that today we were just a little bit God’s favorite. Charlotte snagged a cab the moment she stepped off the curb and raised her arm. And the longest line we waited in at Empire was in the gift shop. Seeing the city from 86 stories up is indescribable… We prevailed upon a nice stranger to take our picture… From there we went to the East Village and had lunch at S’Mac…a macaroni and cheese restaurant.  Now I don’t know who thought up such a restaurant but it was pure genius!  I told Charlotte that if things didn’t work out for us in corporate careers and ministerial careers, we should just open a S’Mac in Charlotte! Once again, I’m going to post...

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Bright Lights, Big City

It was interesting to me to learn this afternoon that I could cross visiting New York off my bucket list. After my earlier post about how long I’ve wanted to come to New York, a friend informed me via email that I could now cross this off my bucket list…you know that list of things that you want to do before you die. And I guess I could do that but since I know I want to come back again, I think I’ll leave it on the list a little while longer! After a little rest on Friday afternoon, we struck out again to see what awaited us on a Friday night in the city. We rode the subway over to Greenwich Village and ate dinner at a place called Risotteria. It’s a small, out of the way place that specializes in gluten-free meals. I’ve never eaten risotto before…but let me tell you that I will again and soon! Just so you know, the following picture may cause you to get in your car and drive to New York just to have the risotto with chicken, feta cheese and zucchini! Didn’t I tell you that looked tasty? I would have taken a picture of the finished product but didn’t want to be embarrased by the fact that I nearly licked the bowl clean! Charlotte loved her meal too but...

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Well, that was a close one!

Thank you all so much for your prayers, calls, comments, and kind words over the last two days as I ran up to Greensboro to be with my folks while Mother had a heart catheterization.  Thankfully, there was no damage to her heart and no blockages found.  She will need to reduce her stress, adjust her meds, and make some lifestyle changes, but all in all, she is none the worse for wear. Hopefully after a few days rest at home…because you know there is no such thing as rest in the hospital…she will be feeling much better!  And she plans to be back at her table sharing her wisdom in some new Gray Hair Talking videos over the next week or so. We are all greatly relieved and appreciative of your kind attention over the last couple of days. This episode combined with a couple of recent conversations made me wonder what I would do without the avenue of prayer.  Surely prayer gives us comfort…ushers us into the presence of the Father…and makes us verbalize our hearts to Him.  But I know that even with as much praying as I do there is still so much to learn. I know I take prayer for granted sometimes.  As if having the ear of the Creator the universe is just an everyday occurrence.  Yes, I know He is willing to listen any...

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Slip slidin’ away!

So, on Saturday while I was at my parents’ house, I went down into the cellar several times to bring up some items that my mom was giving me.  Mom cautioned me several times to be careful because the stairs are slick and steep and narrow.  I mean really, look at that picture! After a couple of trips, I realized that the TV trays were going to be too heavy for me to carry and I’d have to wait for my dad to bring them up for me.  When Dad came back in the house and I asked him about the TV trays, he asked me to come back down in the cellar with him so he could show me something else. Ever the obedient daughter (who’s laughing?), I started down the stairs after him, throwing all caution to the wind.  Big mistake!  My left foot had no sooner hit the 3rd step than it took on a life of its own, totally independent of what my brain was telling it to do and shot off that step before I even knew what happened. Interestingly, my right foot stayed on the 2nd step resulting in a very well executed split.  Really, you should have seen it.  I’m sure it was worth at least an 8.5. Thankfully, I was still holding on to the railing which wrenched my arm and...

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That was some kinda storm!

I hope none of you was out driving around last night when the severe thunderstorms came through! I, on the other hand, was out driving around last night when the severe thunderstorms came through! Actually I was on the way home from Spring Lake, NC and drove right into it.  I’ve never heard such a racket as the hail made banging on my car.  I was only a couple of miles from my house when the hail started…but couldn’t find any place to drive under and get out of the storm!  So I continued driving and made it home safely, albeit slowly! There was so much hail in my yard that it looked like snow!!  Here’s a couple of pictures: I’ve heard from friends today up in the Triad area who have quite a bit of damage in their yards, but thankfully no one was hurt and all houses are still standing. It reminds me to be thankful for all the protection that God offers us as His children…whether it is protection from my own temptations or from dangerous situations.  Now I don’t know the answer to why it seems that some folks don’t receive that protection some times…that is a heavy theological question that I am not sure any of us will answer on this side of heaven. I just want to be grateful for the times that...

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