Do you love surprises?  I do…even the ones that take you off guard.  You know, the ones that are not on your radar screen.  You are bumping along in life and all of a sudden, there they are. Surprise! And then what do you do?  I suppose it depends on what the surprise is… You could cry from fear. You could ignore it. You can respond with delight. You may respond with all of the above. But you will respond, one way or the other. About a month ago, I got just such a phone call from my daughter.  You know, sometimes watching your children maneuver through life is exhilarating and excruciating all at the same time.  My daughter, Rachel, called to let me know that she and Daniel are in love, getting married, and having a baby in October. Surprise! While this is not exactly the way I would have chosen to have all of the above happen, this phone call did remind me of a few things… I’m grateful that our strength as a family continues even as my children are adults and that I was Rachel’s second phone call after she confirmed her pregnancy (the first being to Daniel of course!). I’m grateful that Rachel and Daniel appreciate the sanctity of life and take their responsibilities seriously. I’m grateful that Rachel has the support of my...

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At Home with the Lord

This morning when I signed on to Facebook, I found out that my cousin’s husband had gone to be with the Lord last night. This is a picture of Wes and Ann at a recent family gathering…one of his last outings, I believe. Wes Holbrook was a husband and father, and a new grandfather. He was also too young to die.  At least in my estimation. Of course, the Father knows best and we will trust in Him no matter what.  Thankfully, Wes was a Christian and we can be assured of his eternity.  Wes is seeing the full glory of the Father today.  I have to admit to being a little jealous of that! But one day, we’ll be right there with him…praise God! It’s hard not to be reflective when someone dies…especially someone young.  It’s hard not to think of the others that you love and don’t want to lose any time soon.  But I think it is also important for us to think of all the people we know and see every day who don’t know God…who aren’t in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Life is short…sometimes too short.  So hug your loved ones.  Tell them every day how much you love and appreciate them.  And reach out to someone who needs to know how much God loves them too. And Wes, save us a...

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If You’re Single Like Me…

…this may not be your most favorite time of the year! In fact, even for some of our married sisters, this weekend may be a painful time. Yeah, the candy is great but let’s be honest, it’s not quite the same as having someone special in your life. And you know, it’s not that any of us begrudge those of you who have loving, committed, godly “someones” in your life. We are thrilled and would want nothing less for you. But seriously, it’s tough to be single during February!! As always though, we have a Father and a Savior who know our hearts, who feel our pain, and who reach out to comfort us in ways that we could not even imagine. Just this week, when life threw out a curve ball…you know one of those things that will ultimately become a blessing but when you first receive it, you are surprised shocked stunned…a precious sister in ministry from another state emailed me just to say hello and catch me up on some things going on in her ministry. Prompted by God to share with her, I received some loving words of comfort and an amazing email prayer! Two days later I received an email from another sweet sister who said that I had been on her heart lately and that she was praying for me. I love that...

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